Pinocchio’s Animals

Pinocchio’s Animals

Edizioni Piuma develops the timeless story of Carlo’s puppet through the point of view of all his animals, which are twenty-five! From the Cricket to the Whale, these nice characters tell themselves in rhyme with the voice of the Blue Fairy, but only after having solved a fun puzzle game.The spirit of this application offers both didactic and game cues through the words that come to life in a fun way, to discover a great classic with the latest generation of digital readers.


Mamamò top 10 apps del 2018

Annual award 2019 (bronze medal – animation)

Certificato di qualità del Parco di Collodi.


The illustrations

The world and the creative style of Enzo Venezia enrich the Collodian imaginary of small readers with, why not culturally sought after references.

The rhymes

The choice to tell the story in nursery rhyme, written in an engaging way by the author Iris Bonetti, stimulates the imagination and language, because rhymes with their musicality and word play always remember and evocate fun reading aloud.


The Carlo Collodi National Foundation offered their quality patronage. An important recognition has been given to these two works (the APP and the BOOK) by the Carlo Collodi National Foundation, which has allowed for their own quality label on both digital and non-digital products.

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