There is no literature for children: there is just literature!

François Rui-Vidal

Edizioni Piuma

‘Reading is a colourful adventure’ is the motto of Edizioni Piuma, an independent publishing house with a strong desire to grow. Commitment and passion fuel the vision we have imagined for a place of the fantastic dedicated to children and young people, a space between the shelves where they can find their own world without ever giving up either their dreams or the stories that change our lives. The path taken seeks to give space to the ideas and projects of Italian and foreign authors and illustrators.


Francesca Di Martino

Was born in Palermo in 1974. After graduating in scenography at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Urbino, she continued her studies at the Scuola Holden in Turin, where she experimented and deepened Storytelling and its several applications in the work field. From there, she moved to the television production, as an author and video maker for a variety of television programs, especially in Mediaset. As an illustrator, she won the First Prize Scarpetta d’oro (2012) and Diritti a Colori (2017) as well as several other mentions. After gathering experience and expertise in the writing and drawing, she embarked on a great adventure with a partner to found Edizioni Piuma, a small and independent publishing house with a focus on both applications and children’s books.

Vito Inguglia

Vito Inguglia, Italian designer. Graduated in 2008 in Industrial Design at the University of Palermo and specialized in Design in 2014 at the University of Florence.
The constant ambition of professional growth has led my career to touch different areas: from interior projects, museum and exhibition stands, to editorial or digital graphics, up to product design, for competitions or customers.
Design is a functional response to a problem of any nature, which represents a balance between economic-productive ideas and compromises. The most interesting part is the search for this equilibrium that derives equally from the genius of the artist and from the wise competence of the technician.
The goal is to completely manage each project, thus alternating the design work with the presence on site, to obtain the best possible result.

Alessandra Florio

Since her childhood, Alessandra has always loved bizarre collections: in kindergarten, she started with the surprises in snack packages and the knowledge about dogs’ charactheristics; in elementary school, she filled a whole wall with postcards; during middle school, she collected the peculiar news from the newspapers, those that nobody reads because they are at the bottom of the page and you have to look for them with the lens (do you know the Real Stories of the International magazine?). Then in high school she discovered THE passion: languages. Studying the structure, memorizing new words, learning words already known but different because they mirror other cultures … A love that has resisted university studies and the master thesis in theory and technique of English translation. And after a course in Digital Storytelling at the Scuola Holden, she combines languages with online communication whenever possible, sensing the web behind them and how they interact. Now postcards and newspapers are gone, so she focuses on texts about digital communication and analog dictionaries.

Laura Scaramozzino

(Turin, 1976), conducted for twelve years the cultural program “Dimensione Autore” at Radio Italia Uno.

She was teacher in different courses of creative writing.

For OAK Editions, she published the creative writing manual: “Percorso creativo. Un viaggio chiamato scrittura” and the novel based on a true story “L’uomo che salvava le anatre e inseguiva il Big Bang”, published by Sillabe di Sale Editore.

She wrote in the collection of female science fiction stories curated by Emanuela Valentini entitled “Dark matter”, Delosdigital Edizioni.

In 2019 one of her stories was selected for the collection of fantastic stories: “Strane creature” by Lorenzo Crescentini, edited by Watson. Also this year, the author was selected to be part of the anthology of the weird short story award: Esecranda.

In May 2019 she published her first dystopian novel with Watson editions entitled “Screaming Dora”. In June the collection of short stories “Il grande racconto di Klimt” was published by Edizioni della Sera in which her story “Cesare va lontano” appears. In November, “Materanera”, an anthology of yellow tales set in Matera, was published by Bertone.

One of his stories appears in “Piemontesi per semper” published by Edizioni della Sera.

Her stories appear on the webzine Cose di altri mondi, edited by Giovanni Mongini and in the online newspaper Il CorriereAl, in the AlLibri column, edited by Angelo Marenzana.

She collaborated with the Tom’s Hardware site.