From child to child

From child to child

Project for international adoptions

From Child to Child is an e-book for the international arena designed to tell the story of adoption, both to the involved children and to their families. 

It was born from a Project of the Piedmont Region that wanted to give a say to already adopted children to explain this matter to those who still have to face this experience. It talks about what a mum and dad are, what it means to live in a country different from the one you were born in and other different steps linked to this complex path.

Who can read it? Children, of course. Adopted or not. But also their parents, workers and teachers.

The e-book tells the story of Moïse, a Burkina Faso child about to be adopted by an Italian family. In ten chapters, from the waiting to the meeting with the adoptive parents, from the departure for Italy to the entrance to school, our little protagonist lives every step with great emotion and great questions about his future. But the advice of other young characters who “have already been there” will reassure our Moïse.

A child-friendly story that, through animated illustrations, audio-story available in several languages and interactivity (which facilitate access to its contents), allows little reader to become an active part of the story.

In addition to the chapters, we also recommend you to download the reading guide written by the Piedmont Region: a useful presentation of the e-book which describes the chapters and gives indications on why and how to read them.

From Child to Child is designed to be used also in the countries of origin and for this reason it is available in French and Morè (the language of the Mossì ethnic group, the most represented in Burkina Faso).

From Child to Child is a project of the Regional Service for International Adoption of the Piedmont Region, formerly ARAI, the only public organisation in Italy to handle international adoption procedures. The project was implemented thanks to funding from the CRT Foundation. From the project was born this e-book, with text and illustrations by Benedetta Frezzotti.

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