Custom Party

Custom Party

Custom Party is a project created by a group of students from the Scuola Holden of Turin, during a course on digital storytelling for children. In the midst of tablet, sheets of paper, pencils and colors, the team of young authors (F. Barbalace, N. Dettore, F. Meccoli, C. Munaretto, V. Tosatti, M. Zanierato) with Edizioni Piuma and the artist Paolo D’Altan, imagined a nice mystery story set in the world of a farm full of funny animals, tenderly illustrated.

The theme of the difference among the characters has served as a deus ex machina to stitch their friendship, making them find a common purpose in solving the mystery of the ticket. with an educational peep in the world of measurements and calculations. Fortunately, the team succeeded in creating both a narrative and an interactive world able to align the empathy of the little reader / player with the protagonists.

The narrative / interactive choices applied to the project aim at improving the attention of the small reader (too often superficial and distracted towards the digital language). The design of the game, intertwined with the development of the little mystery in the 21 illustrated pictures, contribute to make the story a rich digital experience.

To facilitate reading, a special character was chosen, as well as accompanying the rhythm of the story with the narrative voices (by Vanina Marini and Gianpaolo Gammino) that underlined and interpreted the interaction among the different characters.

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