The fish and the bird

il pesce e l'uccellino


The fish and the bird

Author Kim Thúy

Illustrator Rogé

Translation  Alessandra Florio

Age 3+

Pages 36

Size 31,5×25 cm


€ 24,00

ISBN 978-88-97443-28-5


  • Lightness and poetry
  • Communicating in diversity
  • Colored illustrations
  • Large size

The story of the fish and the bird was born in the final minute before the writer awakening.

She saw the goldfish in his bowl trying to strike up a conversation with the bird. But how could they play together with all the difference that set them apart? How could they come to love each other when they had nothing in common? The answer lies somewhere in the spreading of the bird’s wings and the graceful flapping of the fish’s gills.

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