NEW! February 2020 “Arcobaligia”

Giovanni Coccia

Rights Available in: Asia, Africa, South America

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FORMAT: 170 x 240



PRICE: 15,00 €

RIGHTS AVAILABLE ONLY Asia, Africa, South America



• The importance of pursuing our own goals

• Overcoming Arturo combatte fears la monotonia delle giornate

• Picture sull’esistenza book, dei interior colori. Ad alimentare i suoi sogni in colour

disegnando. Guarda fuori dalla finestra e fantastica

• Creative un sono passato anche emotionality fatto le filastrocche di tiepide della primavere nonna, e che pedalate riev

Arturo is eight years old and lives with his grandmother in Arcobaligia, a cursed city, where it always rains and the colours are gone. A magic umbrella overlooks the city preventing the sunlight from filtering through. The streets are patrolled by the Tempestwits, monsters greedy for paint, ready to sabotage any attempt to bring the colours back to the city. The curse maker and the chief of the Tempestwits is B.G. Ed Umbrella. Arturo fights the monotony of the days by drawing; he looks outside the window and daydreams about the colours. Plus, his grandmother’s nursery rhymes fuel his dreams, evoking a past made of sunny spring days and bicycle rides. One night, in the basement, Arturo chances upon an old pencil case, full of coloured pencils, miraculously escaped the Tempestwits searches. With them, he draws a scarecrow that magically comes to life and suggests him to use the imagination to break the curse. But then, because of a leaking, the water drips on the drawing and colours melt on the floor suggesting Arturo what to do. At night, with a backpack full of pencils, he climbs up to the rooftop, challenging the curfew, to colour the tiles and thus changes the fate of the city. The rain mixes the pigments, making them flow through the streets. When the Tempestwits become aware of it, the chase starts on the roofs of the city. With an evil nursery rhyme B.G. Ed Umbrella increases the rainfall, but the only effect is that it accelerates the spread of colours. That night, colours invade Arcobaligia. The giant umbrella deflates, shrinks and flies away together with B.G. Ed Umbrella. The sun rises, the festive crowd pours into the square. Grandma looks for Arturo, but only when she raises her head, she sees him and his dirty hands and she understands everything.

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