Alice in Wonderland

Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie

Alice in Wonderland

Author Alessandra Florio, Enzo Venezia

Illustrator Enzo Venezia

Age 0-99

Pages 60

Size 30×30 cm


€ 24,50

Series Avant-Garde Fable

ISBN 978-88-97443-23-0


  • Rereading of a great classic
  • Text in rhymes and nursery rhymes
  • Colored Illustrations
  • Large size

Alice in Wonderland is the story of the discovery of a parallel world where anything is possible: that of fantasy. The famous protagonist travels in a colorful geometric elsewhere, while the illustrations flow as graphic translations of Lewis Carroll’s surreal text, rewritten for the occasion in rhymes and rhymes.

There is a moment when a spark strikes when an artist, training his or her sensibility every day to reinterpret the world, sits down and starts telling a good story. So Enzo Venezia, architect, designer and illustrator, in short one who has done a real job of art, decided to reread the story of Alice in Wonderland of Lewis Carroll, simply diving into the colors.  For the illustrator it has been an unparalleled challenge, because up to now he has travelled a road of monochromes, used in previous works (Lies and Truth of Pinocchio, Little Blue Riding Hood and The Art of Giufa). The reflections on Lewis Carroll’s text have turned into a strong and decisive journey, in the use of primary colors and texts, reduced to splinters of nursery rhymes and rhymes. Whether it is a small reader or an adult, browsing these pages becomes the pretext to indulge in a purely perceptive experience of reality.

The reduction and geometric simplification of the world is the key with which to have fun and venture once again into the wonders.

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