Pinocchio’s Lies and Truths

Pinocchio’s Lies and Truths

Author Iris Bonetti

Illustrator Enzo Venezia

Age 0-99

Pages 64

Size 32×24 cm


€ 22,00

Series Avat-Garde Fable

ISBN 978-88-97443-20-9


  • Classic rewrite in rhyme
  • Refined and refined illustrations
  • Great illustrations that open as an accordion

The Book Pinocchio’s Lies and Truths represents a curious reinterpretation of the timeless world of Carlo Collodi through two different points of view: the puppet and the Blue Fairy. A reading experience that does not follow a classic trend. A dynamic dialogue in nursery rhymes that jumps from Pinocchio’s beloved lies in light blue, to the indispensable truths about the facts of the story of the Blue Fairy in blue.

The over fifty illustrated picture are by the Palermo artist Enzo Venezia, recognizable in his geometric and monochromatic style in shades of blue. The futuristic inspiration oh the images is found in the tex that bends, stretches and rotates continuously changing, following lines and dimensions that bring back the historical Avant-Gardes to the eye, both of the lettering and of the images.


An important recognition was given to this book by the Carlo Collodi National Foundation, which allowed us to affix its quality mark.

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