Cloud Artist

Prize finalist: Libro di Esordio al PREMO STREGA RAGAZZI E RAGAZZE 2021

Award Simonetta Lamberti, Cava de’ Tirreni’s XXXVII edition

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The Cloud Artist

by Giorgia Simoncelli

cover Paolo d’Altan

Age 10+
Pages 200
Format A5
Softcover + Poster 55 x 33 cm
Series {Codex}
ISBN 978-88-97443-30-8

Key sales points

  • Adverture
  • Steampunk
  • Victorian era setting
  • the subject of perseverance
  • The cover is a big Poster 55 cm x 33 cm

“Everyone has the right to raise their head and dream. This is the phrase of the greatest cloud artist of all time!”

A brief message is the last thing Ally Mills received from her father Grover, the greatest cloud artist in all of England, who disappeared after travelling to Lettelton with his White Wings. When he receives the visit of the Prime Minister’s secretary, who asks what happened to “the clouds” and their draftsman, Ally understands that her father is in serious danger. From here begins for Ally a surprising journey full of twists and turns in search of dear father.

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