1. How to publish beautiful photographs online

Come postare belle fotografie: il colore

di Benedetta Frezzotti


If the desire is to create emotions with your photographs, you need to remember some simple tricks to make your image unique. One of the first things to keep in mind is color.

Color is important because it creates the right atmosphere, speaks to the emotions of those who are looking at photography.

A photograph with a lot of blue, for example, stretches or even recreates an idea of ​​mystery, green usually relaxes, red is passion, purple projects into surreal worlds and so on. It is a good rule not to overdo the colors, and also to think about their combinations: blue is relaxing, but if combined with red it can be distressing.

In this article I photographed an external environment and played with filters to better understand the type of result.

When photographing with a mobile phone you can play with color in two ways: with filters and effects, which homogenize and give a dominant tone to the colors of the photo or if the phone has the mode that allows you to customize the filters or retouching (called usually PRO mode),

you can also play with saturation, that is when the colors of the image are vivid and the tone. Some phones can also isolate a color with the “spot color” option and only retouch that. If, for example, my photo is beautiful but I have two colors that do not pair well like red and green, desaturation is an excellent solution. In this case (Photo 5) I isolated the red and turned off all the other colors, so as to immediately draw attention to the building.

Another trick to keep in mind is that warm colors tend to emerge and come to the fore. Personally, I occasionally use (or abuse) the comet filter (photo 4) of my cell phone to “warm up” some details that I want to emphasize more. To avoid the reflection effect and keep only the warm tone in some points, I use it between 3% and 14% (Photo 3).

If you intend to build your photographs not only through the subject, but also in terms of atmosphere, lights and colors, the result will be to obtain more incisive images that are faithful to what you wanted to tell with your photos.

Fotografia 1

Nessun filtro

Fotografia 2

Foto virata in blu con i filtri

Fotografia 3

Foto con filtri cometa alzati

Fotografia 4

Foto con filtri cometa alzati

Fotografia 5

Foto desaturata