My Stories

My Stories

Author / Illustrator Benedetta Frezzotti

Age 7-10

Pages 68

Size 17×24 cm


€ 16,00

ISBN 978-88-97443-25-4


  • The importance of nurturing one’s passions
  • Social media, children and anxious parents
  • Dealing Positively with Bullies
  • Links of friendship and sharing
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Surprised by such flawless logic, little Daniele’s parents now must choose whether to frustrate his ambitions with a clear “no” or to provide him with the best tools to grow and realise his aspirations (a small part of them still hope to spark again the dragon or the astronaut option). 

But Daniele is strongly determined: not only he quits watching cartoons on Saturday mornings for mum and dad’s photography lessons, he also watches documentaries about great nature photographers! Far from discouraging Daniele, this immersion

into the photography catches the eye of Daniele’s friends Sunan (pronounced SOO-nan, he’s very susceptible at mispronunciation), Vani (also called Vulcano) and Doriano (the only one with an Instagram account and a ‘“Ph.” on it). 

So all of them found the Photography Club Vivian Mayer, in which “ONLY FRIENDLY FRIENDS AND PHOTOGRAPHY LOVERS” are allowed and whose official snack is “CHOCOLATE CAKE” or mango mousse if the cake is not available. 

But above all “NO INSTAGRAM BEFORE 13 YEARS”. 

So the adventure begins: they experiment, discover, play and narrate reality with a different perspective. Unfortunately, our guys will also discover that photographies can be easily manipulated. How can you face a spreading fake news?

A book tailor made for curious children that deals with difficult topics such as social media and photographic language in a fun and conscious way, thanks also to the author’s experience, who when she is not absorbed in creating children’s books, is busy with teaching art and new media

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