5th may 2021






Juliette Pierce

cover Lysiah Maro

Tanslation Alessandra Florio

Age 14 +
Pages 500
Format 15 x 21
Soft Cover
Series The Codex
ISBN 978-88-97443-33-9


  • The style is smooth and appealing, encourages you to think about many social problems .
  • Dystopian Novel.
  • Metaphor of modern society and a reflection on technology.
  • In France, Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #Romance and scienze fiction” (February 2021)

Without new births, humanity relies on an algorithm to prevent inexorable decline. But will it be the last possible solution?

«True love is real and Soulmates will find yours».

This is how Everlasting sells its revolutionary software designed to end the decline in birth rates. The only goal to be accepted by society for each individual is to find their soul mate to continue. to procreate.

However, the results of As, our protagonist, are negative: «No matches in the database». Unable to face the future without her soul mate, As regains hope when Everlasting offers her one last attempt before falling into disgrace, namely to offer herself as a guinea pig and test a new version of the software. But every system unfortunately you know has its flaws and As will start an escape to get rid of a coercive world and …