Francesca Barbalace


FRANCESCA BARBALACE has always loved books and stories. She has never stopped reading since she learned how to do it. She has never cared about the differences between paper books or eBooks, new books or second-hand books. The only thing she cares about is the quality of the text. She has a degree in Italian Literature and a master’s degree in Publishing. Today she works as editor, digital storyteller and social media manager. So she keeps living surrounded by books, at home, in her office, on the web.

Iris Bonetti


IRIS BONETTI. After a degree in the artistic high school and after attending the European Institute of Design (IED), in 1991 she started her work experience as a fashion photographer and continued to attend courses in design and visual art. After five years in the fashion industry, she decided to work in the promotional and marketing fields. During these years, writing and travelling were never abandoned. That’s why, in 201, she cofounded a small publishing company specifically for children’s books, Edizioni Piuma, which allowed her to fulfill her writing desire for the little ones.

Paolo D'altan


PAOLO D’ALTAN was born in Milan, where he still works and lives with his family (both human and feline). After classical studies and the Scuola d’Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco  (School of Applied Arts at the Sforza Castle in Milan), he started working as a freelancer for the major Italian advertising agencies, that later earned him two golds from the dall’Art Directors Club Italiano (Italian Art Directors Club). His passion for the image brought him closer to the world of publishing and children’s books where he quickly established himself as one of the greatest Italian illustrators. He expanded his portoflio by participating in several exhibitions, both national and international, during which he received numerous awards. Furthermore, his works had been selected for several years for Illustrators Italian-Annual, Communication Arts Illustration Annual and 3 × 3 Children Illustration Annual. In 2011 he was awarded with the Andersen award as the best Italian illustrator of the year; in 2012, with the White Ravens Award; in 2016 the special award Sergio Toppi and the Andersen award for the best digital creation as co-author of “ Salisedine e l’equilibrio dei regni” (‘Salisedine and the balance of kingdoms’), an experiment started three years earlier of  a self-produced cross-media series. He was president of the Illustrators Association.

Niccolò Dettore


NICCOLÒ DETTORE was born in Rome on 12th September 1992. After a degree in the scientific high school in 2011, driven by the dream to become a travel agent, he enrolled in the Faculty of Tourism Economics (at La Sapienza, university in Rome). But life had other plans: he quit it a year later and started working as a freelance seller in the tourist agency “Paesi del mondo” in Ostia. At the very beginning of 2013, he started studying the writing of comic sketches, stimulated by the picturesque work environment and by a short course at the Accademia Nazionale del Comico di Roma (National Academy of Comedy in Rome). Imagining new worlds has since then fascinated him. He then delved into drama: initially as a self-taught person, he then decided to enroll at the Scuola Holden in Turin in 2016. After two years, he graduated collecting a great cultural background and experiences: in 2017 he founded the DIVANOS Film Cultural Association (of which he is currently the President); in the same year, he is the coauthor of the texts in a bookapp and author of the theatrical show “Un Concerto per Precious”. In 2018, he began a collaboration as a screenwriter with the Animoka Studios animation studio.

Niccolò Dettore



MORENA MORZA was born in Milan, the same city in which she works as a full-time freelance illustrator.  Her portfolio is represented by Illustopia and Advocate Art. She has worked in the publishing and advertising field for small and big companies around the world, focusing on narrative and scholastic illustration, greeting cards, animated game books and apps.  In 2010 she started, a blog dedicated to drawing, creativity, art and illustrations.

Benedetta Frezzotti

Paper Artist

BENEDETTA FREZZOTTI, is a paper artist at “ThePaperLab” in Turin; professor of illustration for apps and mobile devices at the European Institute of Milan; illustrator and designer of app. As illustrator she has collaborated with ArtAttack magazine, Bulgarini, Giunti, Franco Cosimo Panini, Eli la spiga, Larus, 64_Pagé, Social Animation and many others. She developped four Apps: “indovina cos’è?” (‘guess what it is?’) and “Da Bambino a bambino” (‘From child to child’) for Edizioni

Federico Meccoli


FEDERICO MECCOLI. He graduated from Piccolo teatro in Milan under the artistic supervision of Luca Ronconi, working in the following years as an actor and voice over. In 2014 he founded a theatre company and attended some dramaturgy workshops with Letizia Russo. After a period at R.A.D.A. in London on the analysis of dramaturgy in the works of Marlowe and Shakespeare and a seminar on the neutral mask at school Jacques Lecoq in Paris, he enrolled at Scuola Holden in Turin, graduating in 2018 as narrator and storyteller.

Carlo Munaretto


CARLO MUNARETTO was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1994. During the high school years, he had been charmed by the arts so he decided to study them thoroughly. He graduated in D.A.M.S. at the University of Bologna, and during his studies he understood that art was moving on a whole new ground: digital. He attended a Master in Digital Storytelling at the Scuola Holden in Turin to learn  how to adapt what he had learned during his university years to the new media.

Valentina Tosatti


VALENTINA TOSATTI Milan, born in 1992. She started to write poems since she was a child, taking part and winning some literary contests. As teenager, she quits writing and starts studying languages; she starts to describe herself as wandering. When she’s 18, she works as freelance journalist and she starts the university of foreign languages and cultural mediation. She dreams of a backpacker life and after six months in Australia, she graduates in 2015, but all the stories that she picked around ask to be told. She moves to Turin in 2016, she studies in Holden School, she works in a shop and she starts to call herself an artist. Currently she’s working as author and ghostwriter, and she’s working on a secret project. 

Enzo Venezia


ENZO VENEZIA is an all-round artist. Born in Palermo in 1950, he graduated in Architecture. After that, he was mainly a graphic artist in the cultural heritage field. His illustrations had been used as posters, brochures and other graphic material related to several cultural events, including some editions of the festino of Palermo. For the Teatro Biondo Stabile in Palermo he created and edited numerous posters and illustrations. A personal exhibition at the European Parliament in 1995 was based upon his graphic work  In the following years, he was the editor  for  several exhibitions promoted by the Sicilian Region, by the Municipality of Palermo, and by Sicilian university institutes. His passion for theater led him to teach scenography from 1987 to 2000 in the theater school directed by Michele Perriera. As a set designer, he successfully collaborated with the Teatro Stabile di Palermo and with some city theatrical structures, for plays featuring Moni Ovadia, Roberto Herlitzka, Giorgio Albertazzi, Pamela Villoresi. The collaboration with the playwright Franco Scaldati and the director Umberto Cantone had a wide appeal. His commitment as an artmaker is constant and passionate: there have been numerous exhibitions over the years. One of the most interesting installations isthe one of “Luminaria” in which he combined illustration, painting, installations, performances and video projections, realized in June 2003 at the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa di Palermo and included in the Electa catalogue by the critic Achille Bonito Oliva. Now his biggest adventure is to illustrate the world of children’s classics with the same inventiveness and fun.

Marta Zanierato


MARTA ZANIERATO At the age of ten, she left the village where he grew up – Calvignasco (MI) – and moved to Novara, where she still lives. A few years later she became a commuter between this city and Turin so as to complete her studies in DAMS (Disciplines of Art, Music and Entertainment). After that, she enrolled in the Scuola Holden (Storytelling & Performing Arts in Turin). Her falling in love for the Piedmontese capital and her passion for writing do nothing but encourage her desire to move in this city. In the meantime, she lives in Novara and maintains collaborations with several editors and publishers so as to broaden her experience.

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